Video Discipleship

What If It’s True? is a video discipleship series taught by New York Times bestselling author Charles Martin. Years ago, Charles opened his Bible and asked himself: “What if every single word of Scripture is absolutely true and I can trust it?” In this series, Charles explores truth by bringing key moments from the life and ministry of Jesus to life through his descriptive, immersive teaching and storytelling. Also featuring authentic, personal stories from people who’ve been profoundly changed by their relationship with Jesus, this series will help you not just think differently about scripture but live differently as well.

Common Man | Uncommon Life is a men’s discipleship series that uses the Navy SEAL Ethos as a roadmap to discuss timeless biblical principles. Using Navy SEAL interviews, SEALs in action footage, and teaching by former Navy SEAL Jeff Bramstedt, this series calls all men to live a life engaged in the mission.

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