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This small group series uses the Navy SEAL Ethos as a roadmap to discuss timeless biblical principles that God calls all men to. Using former Navy SEAL interviews, SEALs in action footage, and teaching by former Navy SEAL Jeff Bramstedt, the series calls all men to live a life engaged in the mission God has for every man.

Common Man Uncommon Life

God created us to be courageous, honorable, and to fight with valor. Men long for adventure, but somewhere along the way, we’ve settled for less. It’s time to reignite the fire inside us, revive our spirit and to embark on the great journey God has planned for us. Join us as we learn from the toughest and most well trained men on the planet – the US Navy Seals.  This study invites men on the adventure God has designed for them. Common Man | Uncommon Life uses real stories & interviews from former Navy SEALs, as well as, engaging action footage to inspire men to step into all that God has called them to.


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Produced in Conjunction with Jeff Bramstedt and Life of Valor Ministries

Jeff is a former US Navy SEAL who has dedicated his post military life to communicating the Word of God to men, building in them the foundations that won’t crack under the pressures placed on men by the world in which we live.  Every day is spent pouring into the lives of young men who hold the desire to join the military, preparing them for what lies ahead. Training and teaching men to be “real men” is the core of his ministry, Life Of Valor Ministries.

Jeff has the unique ability to connect with men on a down to earth man to man level using his experience as a SEAL to inspire men to be the man God has called them to be. Jeff is one of those strong men leading and teaching other men to do great exploits in the Kingdom of God.

Jeff spends his time speaking to corporations, leadership groups, churches, men’s groups, mentoring young men and training future leaders.

Life of Valor Ministries